As a player

1. Winner Junior Singles and Doubles - Bowring Institute Championships, Bangalore 1936
2. Winner Singles and Doubles - Mysore University, 1937 to 1940
3. Winner Singles - Bowring Institute Championships, Bangalore 1937,1938,1940 and 1942
4. Winner Doubles - Bowring Institute Championships, Bangalore 1939,1940 and 1941
5. Winner Mixed Doubles - Bowring Institute Championships, Bangalore 1939
6. Winner Singles, Dasara Championship, Mysore 1937,1938 and 1940
7. Winner Doubles, Dasara Championship, Mysore 1938 and 1939
8. Winner Singles and Doubles, Union Gymkhana Club, Belgaum 1939
9. Winner Singles, SRA Club, Jamakhandi, 1939 and 1941
10. Winner Doubles, SRA Club, Jamakhandi, 1939, 1940 and 1941
11. Winner Singles, B.U.S. Club Championships, Bangalore 1940
12. Winner Doubles, Indian Railways Institute Open Championship Tournament, Hubli, 1941
13. Winner Singles and Doubles, City Institute, Bangalore 1942
14. Winner Doubles, Open Tennis Tournament, Dharwar, 1942
15. Winner Singles, South India Championships, Rajahmundry, 1942
16. Winner Doubles, South India Championships, Ooty, 1944
17. Reached the Singles Final in the Madras Hard Court Championships in 1941
18. Reached the Singles Final in the South Indian Championships in 1943
19. Has beaten players like R.N. Pandit, R J W Moses, A.E. Owen, S. Sivaswamy, M. Rama Rao, N. V. Limaye, M. V. Deo, Y. Singh, Prem Pandhi, Bobjee and P L Narayan Rao
20. Reached Quarter Finals in the All India Championships held in Allahabad & Baroda
21. Reached Finals in Singles and Doubles in the All India Championship, Madras, 1945
22. Winner Singles, Madras Hard Court Championship, Ooty 1945
23. Ranked player of India for several years.
24. Winner Singles - Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Championships, 1946.
25. Ranked No. 1 player of Mysore State from 1937 to 1957

As a Coach

a) Director of Coaching Camp at Shillong under Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Scheme, 1966
b) Director of Coaching Camp at Ooty, (Oootacamund) under Rajkumari Amrit Kaur Scheme, 1964
c) Director of Coaching Camp at New Delhi.
d) Coach cum Manager of Indian Junior teams to Europe including Wimbledon (1967, 1969, 1970, 1971 and 1973)
e) Elected Chairman of the coaching committee of the All India Lawn Tennis Association for two years (1964 and 1965)

As a Tennis Administrator

1) Hony. Treasurer, All India Lawn Tennis Association
2) Hony. Secretary, Mysore State Lawn Tennis Association
3) Hony. Treasurer, Asian Lawn Tennis Federation

As a Referee in Davis Cup Matches

a) India – Ceylon in Lucknow, April 1972
b) India – Japan in New Delhi, December 1976
c) India – Thailand in Amritsar, September 1975
d) India – New Zealand in Lucknow, January 1975
e) India – Australia, Bangalore, May 1970



Magazine/Newspaper Clippings

a) Source: Souvenir Brochure of the First International Lawn Tennis Association Championships of Asia, December 22, 1949 – January 1, 1950, Calcutta (3 pages).
b) Article in Deccan Herald by Leslie Wilson dated May 21, 1978.
c) Excerpts from Indian Opinion (South African newspaper) dated January 18, 1952.
d) Article in Kannada magazine Taranga dated December 12, 1993 by Smt. Sowbhagya Satyanarayana (two pages).
e) Newspaper clipping of India - New Zealand Davis Cup Match held during January 17-19, 1975 at Lucknow.
f) Newspaper clipping of India - Thailand Davis Cup Match held during September 26-28, 1975 at Amritsar.
g) National Herald newspaper clipping dated April 1st, 1972 of India - Sri Lanka Davis Cup Match held in Lucknow in April 1972.
h) Article in Sports and Past Time Magazine dated January 6, 1968 (two pages).
i) Colored card given by HAL staff ( back to back).
j) Manuscript of Radio talk (six pages).
k) Excerpts from the book of Mr. Lam Seneviratne from his famous book ‘75 Years of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association 1915 - 1990' (two pages).
l) Excerpts from the article of Revata S. Silva in Sri Lankan Newspaper 'The Island'. This shows BRK was the Ceylon Champion in 1946.
m) Excerpts from Vijay Amritaraj's Autobiography.
n) All India Championships 1945 - Results (Source: Tennis Archives).

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